Saturday, May 14, 2011

Christina getting her award from the library.  She won the Gold award for her voluteering at the library.There were only 2 people in the whole sno-isle region that got a gold. Susan on the left won a Bronze. We had 2 award winners at coupeville . We are very proud of her she got a letter from the President of the U.S. and letter from the president of the sno-isle library system. Marie is second on the left she is in charge of the volunteers at the library. Leslie is pictured on the far right she is in charge our or coupeville branch.  WHat a great bunch of ladies..
Well life has been so busy it has been forever since I have posted new things to my blog. I am sorry.  We are all doing fine. Christina is still battling her hives and because of that is on a super high dose of steriods (thus the weight gain). All we can get so far since july is that it is from the idodine they were not supposed to use at whidbey general.  So we are seeing specialist after speicalist to try to get it stopped.

The pug children are doing great.  Cassie had a huge scare in Nov. As many of you know she swollowed one of those GottCha Bones a year ago. Since then I have been telling the vets that she is not breathing right something is wrong but none of them felt anything was wrong. We took her to seattle finally and they found out that not only did she have damage due to the bone icident that she prolasped both of her sackulas in her throat making a air opening the size of a pen insert almost.This is why she could not breath.  So she went thru surgery to do a tie back of her throat,  But after 5 days we were back to seattle she had a seizure at home and then one down there. If we had not been down there for the last one we would have lost her for sure her throat swelled closed.  They kept her for another 24 hours and released her to me thinking she was not going to make it..

But we battled thru this and and found a wonderful NaturalPath Vet Named Donna Keleher up in bellingham.  We have now found out thru testing that she has allergies big time.. She is allergic to grass, wheat, grains etc... so this adds to her issue.  She has always has a crocked tongue of sorts and this leads her to believe that she has a birth defect that adds to this pot of problems.   bUT THE GOOD NEWS IS SHE IS DOING FINE .she goes in for treatments once a month and is off all grains.  We put her on a new food called primal and she loves it..

Our little one lulu is such a clown she bring such joy to our lives.
paddie.. this is dads dog thru and thru
higgins our oldest rescue and only boy of the house.

this is the mouch.  She is sounds at times like she is talking.  I have it on tape where she is groaning " I want my mommy"  I thought I was imaging it till I had a friend listen and she heard the samething.. she does not know she is a pug .. well okay all of our do not think that..

This is our Jo Jo she is the terrorist. It is jojos way or watch out duck for cover she will let you know she is upset.  She will sit all day watch TV waiting for a dog to come on it can be a cartoon or real does not matter.She runs off the couch and barks like she is telling it to stay in the TV. She would take on anything if she thought it was a threat to her us... She has a twin sister name Cholie who is the shy one she is passive but that is because her sister is the opposite.. so we have to really make sure Cholie get her speical time every day.

this is a picture of all our pug kids.. and yes they did get presents from santa... but they ate the cookies and milk we left for him...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

what a great summer. we did not have a lot of warm weather but the days we had were great. This is a picture of the sailing ships that come into our harbor. You have to go on one of these ships it is a voyage you will not forget. It is really neat to stop and think that not to long ago these boats used to come into the harbor on a normal bases delivery goods to coupeville. Our little town is filled with such wonderful history..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

summer is leaving us you can feel it in the air. I love fall the smells of leaves burning and crisp mornings. The way that God prepares the plants and animals to get ready for winter. Don't get me wrong I love summer but the heat sometimes can be so hard on my fibro. In the fall I know that there soon winter will be here and there will be times I long for the green and colors of summer. I try to soak in all the colors I can enjoying the last hurah. After all this summer will never happen again. yes there will be other summers but this will be the only 2009 summer. My kids are getting older and exploring the world around them. I know I will look back on the rush of this summer and long for it when I am older. So I try to embrace the days and cherish them even if there are hastles or hurdles to overcome. That is life and that is what makes it so exciting is the not know of what tomarrow will bring. So cherish the days even the bad ones you will look back on the problems later on and see how small and insignificant they were in the big picture of your lifes journey.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I got it done finally... I am so proud of this one. It is out of one of my favorite yarns Malabrigo and in one of my favorite colors a mint... It will be great for those cool days.....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

our new pond it is not done yet but we have the water in and it is running. I have yet to get the plants in the ground have way to many around it but it is a great way to get them all watered. We were going to have fish but the frogs decided to lay their eggs in it so it is now a frog nursey......

my newest shawl MS12 that I have made. This is the first one that has come out so well. I am knitting on the anniversary shawl right now.